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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Batman Family 2 - all reprints, but still the first issue of this book that I bought as a kid

Batman Family 2 (Nov/Dec 75) is an all-reprint issue, the only one of the series that would be. It was also the first issue of the book that I bought as a kid. I just loved it, and collected the rest of the series. I actually did not realize the lead story, a reprint of "Batgirl Breaks up the Dynamic Duo," from 1967, was a reprint. I had only just started reading super hero books. Another two stories in the issue, one introducing the Cluemaster, and the other featuring were also reprints from the same era, so they felt new to me. Certainly in opposition to the other tale, the Mystery Man story from the 1950s that featured Vicki Vale and Commissioner Gordon.

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