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Friday, 14 July 2017

Batman Family 8 - Robin vs Catgirl

Robin goes solo in Batman Family 8 (Nov/Dec 76). The two reprints in the issue feature Batwoman and Batgirl. The Batwoman tale, Web of the Spinner, was one of her better outings from the 60s, while the Batgirl story was the one that marked the end of her back-up series in Detective Comics back in 1972.

The Robin story, by Rozakis, Novick and Colletta, opens at Hudson University. Dick Grayson and Lori Elton are taking a chemistry class when Catgirl bursts in, for no clear reason other than to cause chaos, which she does. Her actions make the news, and draw the ire of Catwoman, who knows nothing about the girl, and is angry at her presumption in claiming to be her daughter.

Catgirl keeps popping up around Hudson University, and has a variety of cat themed weapons and traps, which she uses to keep Robin at bay.

Then the story takes on a different plot, as Dick receives a call from Batman, but the line goes dead. Dick suspects something has gone wrong and heads back to Gotham City. Alfred has no explanation, and Dick visits Commissioner Gordon, but is not sure whether he should be looking for Batman, or Bruce Wayne.

Catgirl follows Robin to Gotham, and we learn that her goal is to find out Robin's identity. Meanwhile, Catwoman is getting increasingly angered at Catgirl's actions, and decides to pull off the robbery she and her gang had been planning immediately.

Catwoman also wants her gang to take out Catgirl, and when Robin shows up at the crime scene, he and Catgirl wind up working together to defeat Catwoman's goons. Catgirl gets away, but allows herself to be unmasked as the Joker's Daughter.

As for Batman, it turns out he was never actually in trouble. He had infiltrated Catwoman's gang in disguise, and had abandoned the phone call when he was almost caught on the line.

Catwoman had last appeared a couple of months before in the final issue of the Joker's comic, and would return the following month in the Brave and the Bold, taking on Batman and Wonder Woman.

Joker's Daughter returns in the next issue.

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