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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Beowulf 2 - Beowulf meets Satan

Uslan and Villamonte continue the adventures of Beowulf in issue 2 (June/July 1975).

The story gives a bit of focus to Grendel, who is suffering some existential angst, wondering who he is, and what his purpose is in life. His mother gives him a sort of answer, that he is born from the first murder, that of Abel at the hands of his brother, Cain. Although, you know, this is coming from his MOTHER so she is clearly leaving some stuff out. Later in the issue Satan will make an awkward reference to having known her slightly, awkward enough that Grendel's parentage is pretty broadly hinted at.

Beowulf and crew avoid being killed by the swamp beasts thanks to some quicksand, which draws them down into Satan's realm. They fight through a variety of monsters and trolls and such on their way to meet the big guy.

Satan is pretty chill about meeting Beowulf, and tells him how bored he was, so he has arranged for Grendel to attack Hotthgar just for the kicks of watching it. Satan clearly needs a tv or something. Beowulf is to go fight Grendel, in order to provide some more viewing enjoyment for Satan. Beowulf is not happy about being used this way, but doesn't have much say in the matter, and Satan sends him and his buddies on to Castle Hothgar.

Grendel has already returned to the castle, where he lurks around, watching everyone.

Beowulf meets with Hothgar, and prepares to set out to go attack Grendel. One of Hothgar's men is wanting to kill Beowulf, and joins the party for another opportunity.

The story continues in the next issue.

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