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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Beowulf 4 - Beowulf fights the Lost Tribes of Israel

Dracula and the Lost Tribes of Israel appear in Uslan and Villamonte's story in Beowulf 4 (Oct/Nov), which goes to show just how prescient the author was of the original legend, drawing in a legendary figure who had not even born yet.

As the story begins Beowulf and his crew are attacked by the Lost Tribes of Israel, who mistake Beowulf for Dracula. But you know, that's how those Lost Tribesmen are, always thinking everyone is Dracula. 

Once they find out Beowulf is not Dracula, they fill him in on the story of Vlad the Impaler, the evil Wallachian ruler who is aligned with Satan. 

Beowulf is not really interested in all that, far more concerned with gaining power in order to face Grendel. Satan seems eager for this as well, as he magically transports Beowulf and his men back to Castle Hrothgar.

Grendel shows up, and he and Beowulf fight. Grendel gets driven off, but not before killing one of Beowulf's men. Beowulf instructs the bard chronicling his adventures to say the guy died a different way, and leave out the whole battle thing. I guess this is meant to be a nod to any divergence from the original story, but you have to wonder why they are even bothering by this point.

The culmination of the issue has Vlad the Impaler show up to attack the Lost Tribes of Israel. Beowulf helps defend them, but it turns out to be one of Vlad's own men who kills his leader. The assassin had no control over his actions, he was being possessed by Satan. Satan decided that Vlad was so wonderfully evil he wants him as his own weapon, so had him killed in order to imbue him with supernatural powers and bring him back as Dracula!

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