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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Beowulf 5 - aliens bring Beowulf to Atlantis

Remember how the first issue announced that one would have difficulty determining what was in the original text, and what had been added for the ongoing comic? Well, I have a suspicion that one or two of the elements in Beowulf 5 (Dec/Jan 75/76) just might have been added by Uslan and Villamonte.

The story begins with Beowulf and his crew at Stonehenge, fighting against some really protective Druids. They examine some Mayan carvings on the British monoliths, and then get rounded up by aliens.

The aliens have been gathering prime warriors from around the Earth, keeping them in cold storage. The aliens use Stonehenge and another similar site for triangulation and navigation. They bring Beowulf and Nan-Zee to their base in Atlantis. The rest of the crew have to deal with the Druids.

In Atlantis, Beowulf meets the leaders of the aliens, En-Lil and Ishtar, the inspiration for the Sumerian gods of the same names. They have joined up with a Greek guy who was also captured and held captive for years. They lead a rebellion, but Ishtar and En-Lil are prepared to kill them to keep everyone else in line.

To prevent this, Beowulf destroys their machines, which sets off a chain reaction that causes the destruction of Atlantis, and all the aliens ruling it.

Beowulf, Ishtar and the Greek guy, revealed to be Ulysses (should at least have been called Odysseus) then split up. Ulysses is heading back to Ithaca, while Beowulf and Nan-Zee head to Crete to enlist the aid of the goddess Athena in getting back home.

Yeah, pretty darn close to the original text. Except for the Mayan carvings.

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