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Monday, 10 July 2017

Claw, the Unconquered 2 - the floating city

Michelinie and Chan add some more mystery to the situation in Claw, the Unconquered 2 (July/Aug 75).

At the top of the story a man tries to kill Claw while he is sleeping. Claw wakes and fights him off, but then both men get set upon by some nasty purple glowing dog type things. A rope descends out of nowhere, and they climb it, winding up in a floating city. A golden woman explains that they saw the trouble he was in, and decided to save him. The man accompanying Claw does not trust her, and he is right not to.

The city stays afloat due to a magic spell that keeps it separate from the realm around it, and provides the golden people immortality. They need a sacrifice every so often to keep the spell going, and Claw has been selected to be the latest one. They even sent the dog things, so that they could lure Claw to the city. They pull some more manipulation and get him into the arena, to face a two headed monster.

Claw manages to defeat the beast, using one head to kill the other one. With the creature dead, the spell wears off and the golden people turn to dust. Claw and the other man escape back to Earth before the city disappears.

As the story ends the guy tries to kill Claw yet again. Claw's hand grabs the knife and turns it on the would be killer. Claw himself is completely surprised by this. He had not seen the attack coming, his hand acted entirely of its own accord.

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