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Monday, 10 July 2017

Claw, the Unconquered 4 - demons as enemies and allies

Michelinie, Chan and Boyette launch a multi-part story in Claw, the Unconquered 4 (Nov/Dec 75).

At the top of the story Claw has to deal with more people trying to earn the bounty on his head. He gets some unsolicited aid from a man named Ghylkin. He is from a different realm, a traveller through dimensions. Claw assumes the man is a demon, because he has horns. Ghylkin insists that he is not, that he gained them while travelling through an evil realm. But by this point, I have learned not to trust any of the characters that Claw encounters, so I don't believe him.

As Claw and Ghylkin travel along they come upon a woman about to be burned for being a witch. At the same time, the evil king commands his wizard to open a dimensional barrier, and it releases a demon, N'hlgthss. The woman gets blamed for this, too. Claw and Ghylkin free her, but find they are unable to really harm the giant demon at all.

The woman leads them to the Burning Man, who can tell them how to defeat the demon. Turns out he can tell Claw far more, as he knows who the man is, and informs him that the magic sword he needs to defeat the demon was his by birthrite, stolen and hidden in a magic void. To enter the void, Claw needs to find the Grimstone, which has been divided into four parts. That should cover a few issues.

But before they head off to find the Grimstone they take another crack at the demon. They don't fare any better the second time, and the woman once again almost gets killed by the priest who thinks she is a witch. The priest gets killed, and the demon wanders off. Claw and Ghylkin then set off on their quest.

The story continues in the next issue.

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