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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Claw, the Unconquered 5 - the quest for the Grimstone begins

Michelinie and Chan send Claw, the Unconquered off on his quest for the pieces of the Grimstone in issue 5 (Jan/Feb 76).

Ghilkyn is still at Claw's side as they begin their journey, battling monsters along the way. We also see the evil king continuing his schemes to kill Claw, and trying to get the wizard to come up with something useful in that area.

They reach an old man who is in possession of one piece of the Grimstone. He doesn't try to hide it or lie about it, and offers it to Claw in exchange for the eyes of a nearby oracle. On the other hand, he has a goblet of acid, and will drop the Grimstone piece into it if Claw tries to take it by force. 

So Claw and Ghilkyn head off to find the oracle. They meet a young woman who warns them that any who have tried to steal from the oracle have died, and then accompanies them into the lair. The oracle is a giant stone snake, although it does come to life. The pair also have to fight a giant crab, and the woman herself, who splits into two beings every time Claw hits her with his sword. Claw just keeps hitting her, increasing the number of her, while Ghilkyn pries the eyes from the oracle.

They return to the old man and he trades the Grimstone piece for the eyes. But when he places them in his head he gets overwhelmed with too much knowledge and power, and it kills him. Best scene in the story.

The issue also contains a map of Claw's world.

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