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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Claw, the Unconquered 9 - Claw ends

Michelinie and Giffen are joined by Bob Layton as they provide a number of answers in Claw, the Unconquered 9 (Sept/Oct 76), which also ends the first run of this book.

At the top of the story Claw returns to reality, and he and Ghilkyn have to deal with more mystical threats created by the evil king's wizard. And once again, they triumph. And once again, the king gets all angry at the wizard. And once again, the wizard acts as if he is about to turn on the king. Would have been nice if this had actually developed.

But there is little time for that. Claw now has the magic sword he can use against the giant demon N'Hglthss, and he and Gilkyn get into their big fight with him.

Claw uses the sword to destroy the demon, and winds up vanishing in a burst of light when the monster dies.

He finds himself in another realm, in the presence of the Gods of the Elder Light. Claw learns that these gods are in eternal battle with the Shadow Gods. Many generations back one of Claw's ancestors had tried to make contact with the Elder Gods, and was rewarded with a demon hand. Doesn't sound like much of a reward, but the purpose was to make the man a living weapon able to take on agents of the Shadow Gods. This got passed down, father to son, until Claw got the hand. The mysterious white figure shown in the first issue was one of the Elder Gods, who took Claw and raised him. Claw was trained to be a weapon for the Elder Gods, but then the Shadow Gods picked the evil king as their weapon, and the wizard messed up Claw's memories. Nice to get all that explained. Claw learns that the evil king had his parents killed, and the Elder Gods want him to now go after the man. Claw is pissed off that the Elder Gods have used him his entire life.

On the other hand, he is more than happy to go off and kill the evil king. As the issue, and the series, ends, Claw parts from Ghilkyn and heads off to confront the king. Their conflict is promoted to be in the next issue, but the series was cancelled at this point.

Readers must have lost their minds about that. Claw, the Unconquered would return in just over a year, resuming numbering from this point. I hope it resumes the plot line as well.

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