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Thursday, 6 July 2017

DC Special 16 - DC Special resumes with Super Heroes Battle Super Gorillas

DC Special resumes with issue 16 (Spring 1975), continuing the numbering from the earlier series. The first issue, which contains all reprints, is given the theme of Super-Heroes Battle Super-Gorillas, and has reprints of Superman vs Titano, and Flash vs Grodd, as well stories of Batman and Wonder Woman fighting gorillas.

This pattern, of collecting reprints of different heroes under a larger theme, would run through many issues of the revival. Issue 18 (Oct/Nov 75) had Earth Shaking Stories, with reprints of Superman, Captain Marvel, and Flash and Green Lantern teaming up against Major Disaster.

DC Special 19 (Dec/Jan 75/76) was given War Against the Giants as a theme, and had Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern reprints, as well as a story from Strange Adventures.

The last of these appeared in DC Special 21 (April/May 1976), with Super-Heroes War Against the Monsters, and included reprints of Superman, Green Lantern, the Marvel Family and the War That Time Forgot.

On a side note, the Super-Heroes Battle Super-Gorillas issue was clearly a success, as a one-shot reprint collection with that title was released for Winter 1976. Unlike the other books I mentioned in this entry, I actually owned this one. It featured Superman with King Krypton and Flash taking on Grodd, but the story I really loved was the Batman one, the Gorilla Boss of Gotham City, from 1953.

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