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Friday, 7 July 2017

DC Special 24 - the Musketeers vs natives

Murray Boltinoff joins Lee Elias for the Three Musketeers story in DC Special 24 (Oct/Nov 76), while Viking Prince gets a reprint back-up story alongside Robin Hood, both culled from Brave and the Bold.

The story opens with Athos, Porthos, Aramis and D'Artagnan mounting the scaffold, about to be hung. They manage to escape, and the reader learns they have been arrested for kidnapping the King of France.

Of course, it was really Richelieu behind the kidnapping. He also framed the musketeers, and intends to rule France as regent as long as the king is missing. The musketeers have to find the king and bring him back to Paris in order to prove their innocence. A band of natives, presumably Mohawks, arrive in France on a trading expedition, and Richelieu promises them gold if they track down and kill the musketeers.

It makes for a decent enough tale, I suppose. The musketeers are doing their best to track the king, while being tracked themselves. In their first encounter with the natives the musketeers do not fare well at all, and the natives are also shown to be better at finding the small clues that keep them on the right trail.

Right when the musketeers find the king, they get found as well. It turns out to be a lucky thing that the musketeers wound up getting divided. The natives capture two musketeers and the king, but then the other two ambush the natives keeping guard, freeing their comrades.  The only thing the story really avoids is explaining how Richelieu managed to avoid any consequences for his actions, when there are far too many people about who can rat him out.

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