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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Hercules Unbound 2 - Ares sends Cerebus after Hercules

Conway, Garcia-Lopez and Wood send Hercules to France in Hercules Unbound 2 (Dec/Jan 75/76).

Hercules, Kevin and Basil the dog arrive in Paris right at the top of the issue. They fight off some more of the monsters Ares has sent out, and find three normal humans, Dave Rigg, Simon St. Charles and Jennifer Monroe. Even though Rigg seems interested in Jennifer, before the issue is out a romance starts to bloom between her and Hercules.

Ares has a witch use her powers to keep tabs on Hercules. In this issue it would appear that Ares did not release the hero, as he considers Hercules his only threat to world domination. He summons Cerebus and his dogs. Now, in Greek mythology Cerberus is a three headed dog that guards the entrance to Hades, but here Cerebus is a man who controls a pair of two headed dogs.

Cerebus arrives in Paris just as Hercules and Jennifer are sharing a moment. The villain has incredible strength, and causes a small earthquake that takes out Hercules, allowing him to abduct Jennifer.

It turns out that Cerberus had once loved a woman, Adora, and this lead him to betray Ares, which resulted in him now being the slave of the god. Cerberus brings Jennifer to the Louvre.

Hercules and Kevin get on the trail of Cerberus, and find he has opened a door to hell within the museum. Hercules begins to wonder if Kevin is really blind, since the boy seems to be able to sense things that even Hercules cannot.

The story continues in the next issue.

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