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Sunday, 23 July 2017

Hercules Unbound 3 - Hercules vs Cerebus

Conway, Garcia-Lopez and Wood conclude the Cerberus story in Hercules Unbound 3 (Feb/March 1976).

Hercules and Kevin descend into Hell, and come across Charon and a friendly minstrel, who proves to be Orpheus, at the entrance to the Underworld. Hercules makes reference to a three headed dog that usually is there, though avoids mentioning Cerberus by name. Instead of the dog, Hercules has to fight a shadow beast. Orpheus then acts as the guide for the pair, and relates his own story. Conway does better with the tale of how he lost his wife to be, Eurydice, on their wedding night, and descended to the Underworld to try to get her back. Oddly, while this all gets shows, the art misses out on the great moment, when Orpheus looks back and loses her forever.

Cerebus brings Jennifer to the palace of Hades and Persephone, waiting there for Hercules to reach him.

The hero arrives, and two get into their big fight. Although Cerebus is sworn by honour to Ares and cannot give up the fight, by the end it is clear that he hoped Hercules would kill him, releasing him from his life of torment, which is what happens.

It is only at the end that Orpheus also reveals that he is dead, and that the story he told was one that happened long ago. Hercules and Kevin get Jennifer back, and head back to Earth.

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