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Monday, 31 July 2017

Hercules Unbound 4 - Hercules heads to England

The action shifts to England in the Conway, Garcia-Lopez and Wood story from Hercules Unbound 4 (April/May 1976).

Hercules, Jennifer and Kevin return to Paris, only to find a note telling them that the other guys have left for England. So they sail across the Channel, but their boat gets attacked by a cat-man, looking very much like something out of Kamandi. He explains that he works for Hunter Blood, who has taken command of England, ruling it and preventing anyone from invading "his" island.

Of course, that does not give Hercules any pause at all. On the other hand, when the hero tries to tell Jennifer to stay behind, that it is too dangerous for a woman, she gets enraged. It's left to Kevin to explain "Women's Lib" to Hercules.

Hunter Blood commands an army of cat-men, and is furious with them when he learns that Hercules and his pals have come to England. Hunter Blood emits some deadly eye beams, which kill the cat-man, reducing the creature to a skeleton. He sends the other cat-men out to find and capture Hercules and his crew. Jennifer gets captured, while Hercules, Kevin, and even Basil, Kevin's dog, get shot with tranquilizer bullets.

Hunter keeps Jennifer aside while the two men get chained up to giant bells. Hunter Blood is now blind, a result of the Great Disaster, and the radiation that gave him his eye beams also transformed his cat men. He was a collector before that, and now has his followers gather all the priceless relics they can, although Blood is no longer able to see them. As the issue ends, Hercules bursts his bonds, which collapses the entire building, and confronts Hunter Blood.

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