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Monday, 31 July 2017

Hercules Unbound 6 - Hercules vs Ares

Conway, Garcia-Lopez and Wood end the first big story arc in Hercules Unbound 6 (Aug/Sept 76), pitting the hero against Ares.

Hercules, Jennifer and Kevin are still being accompanied by a gorilla as the move through the ruins of London. Kevin is carrying his dead dog, and mourning Basil, when they get attacked by soldiers sent by Ares.

Ares wants to fight Hercules to the death, and Hercules has his own reasons for wanting to get into contact with Ares. He tells Jennifer a story from years ago, when he and the war god were still friends, when he saw Ares use his touch to bring a dead animal back to life. He wants to force Ares to use this power to revive Basil.

So, since everyone wants to meet up, it doesn't take long for them to come together, at Stonehenge. Ares still has the other two men prisoner, and battles Hercules, using them as bait.

Hercules wins the first fight between them. Ares then decides to "cheat," having his soldiers fire a massive cannon at the hero. Hercules withstands the blast easily, and Ares has no choice but to concede.

Hercules demands that Ares use his power on the dog, and sure enough Basil comes back to life. Hercules then allows Ares to depart. It's a bit of a simple, easy ending, for all the build up.

This issue also concludes the runs of Gerry Conway and Jose Luis Garcai-Lopez on the book.

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