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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Kong, the Untamed 2 - Kong befriends Gurat

Kong, the Untamed 2 (Aug/Sept 75) continues wit a great Wrightson cover, some beautiful interior art by Alcala, and a mediocre Oleck tale.

Kong spends a few pages wandering around on his own, cursing his tribe and the Beast Men and everyone until he once again gets captured by the Beast Men, who want to skin him. To his surprise, the man who has caught him is the same guy that Kong thought he killed in the previous issue. The guy's name is Gurat, and he laughs at the notion that Kong could have killed him with his "puny spear." He is about to kill Kong when a bear shows up. Gurat then saves Kong from the bear, and they suddenly become friends. Partly, that is because, by saving Kong, Gurat will now be viewed by his tribe as evil, and they will want to kill him as well.

While on the run, Kong discovers that if he bangs two stones of a specific type together he can create fire, and does so. This terrifies the Beast Men, who believe Kong has magic powers. By threatening to start another fire Kong manages to keep the Beast Men away, getting himself as Gurat to safety.

Kong then enlists Gurat's aid in his plans to kill Trog, in revenge for killing his mother.

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