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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Kong, the Untamed 3 - Kong enters the valley of the dinosaurs

Gerry Conway joins Oleck and Alcala for Kong, the Untamed 3 (Oct/Nov 75), which might explain why the story takes such a dramatic turn midway through.

The tale begins much as before, with Kong and Gurat struggling for mere survival. They are trying to kill a wild boar, while at the same time preventing a sabre tooth tiger from stealing their food. Kong's tribe show up and capture the pair. They are planning to kill Kong, but then a volcano starts spewing ash that partly blocks the Moon, which gets interpreted as a sign that Kong should be allowed to prove himself, and possibly join the tribe.

So the tribe hang Gurat about the volcano's cone, telling Kong to kill his friend. Instead, Kong frees Gurat, and the pair take off. They are pursued by the others from the tribe. Then the volcano erupts and the ground splits open. Kong and Gurat fall into a crevice, landing in a cave system.

They follow the cave and emerge in a hidden valley, full of dinosaurs. So much for any attempt at realism.

As the story ends we meet a couple from a different tribe, one that lives in the valley. They know nothing of Kong and Gurat, but are determined to bring down a pterodactyl. It makes for a very strange ending, suddenly shifting focus to characters we do not know.

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