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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Kong, the Untamed 4 - paleolithic sexism

Gerry Conway is joined by Tony Caravana and Den Ingente on Kong, the Untamed 4 (Dec/Jan 75/76).

Kong and Gurat are in the hidden valley of the dinosaurs, and kill a pterodactyl at the top of the story. This is watched by the young couple introduced at the end of the previous issue, Rolen and Jelenna. Outsiders are forbidden in the valley, and Rolen throws a spear at Gurat, seemingly killing him. Gurat falls into a river, and later we see that he did survive.

Rolen is prepared to kill Kong as well, but Jelenna stops him, as Kong is only a child. Kong is none too keen on these people, though, for killing Gurat. He fights Rolen, but then Jelenna throws a stone at the boy's head and knocks him out.

Kong gets brought to their village. This tribe is a matriarchy, with women in the roles of priest and leader. Kong is appalled by this, and tells them all that they are wrong, and men ought to be in charge. Rolen wants to marry Jelenna, and so is sent to provide a weird kind of dowry for her, the tail of a stegosaurus. Kong decides that Rolen is worth helping, but the women are all evil for taking a man's proper place. It's a bit creepy the way this story doesn't seem to question Kong's attitude at all, despite his rage for Trog and the tribe back home, which was an unrelenting patriarchy that had his mother killed.

Anyway, Kong joins Rolen, and winds up saving his life and killing the stegosaurus himself. Kong expects Rolen to take the tail and head back to the village and marry Jelenna, but Rolen has decided that Kong was right, and women are not meant to be in charge. Together they head off to invent chauvanism.

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