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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Kong, the Untamed 5 - Kong ends

David Wenzel and Bill Draut join Conway for the final issue of Kong, the Untamed, number 5 (Feb/March 1976).

It's a terrible issue, no matter how you cut it. Gurat winds up getting attacked and captured by a tribe that fly pterodactyls, although he makes friends there before the story is over.

The matriarchal village is shown to be completely evil and deranged. Jelenna tries to defend her feelings for Rolen, but gets literally smacked down.

Rolen and Kong return to the village. Rolen wants Jelenna to run away with him, but she turns on her boyfriend when he starts talking about how evil it is to have women in charge. He insists that they need male rulers, male priests and a male god. Not too surprising that Jelenna smacks him with a rock. Even more repulsive is the fact that, according to Rolen, people will only be free when men are in charge. Not that he deserves to be burned alive for this, which is what they start to do.

Then Gurat and his pterodactyl riding buddies show up to rescue Kong and Rolen. How Gurat knew where they were, and that they needed an abrupt rescue, is far from clear. The rescue spreads the fire, and the entire village is consumed at the end. The three guys fly off on triumphantly on their pterodactyl, and into obscurity. It's hardly shocking that whenever DC wants to use a caveman character they dig up Anthro, rather than bringing Kong back. In fact, the only time I can think of that we see Kong again is in a cameo in the History of the DC Universe.

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