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Monday, 3 July 2017

Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter 11 - Richard goes to China

David Anthony Kraft takes over the scripting on the Estrada and Abel story in Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter 11 (Aug/Sept 76).

Richard Dragon is in the hospital at the start of the tale, recovering from his burns. Ben Turner, little Ben Turner and Lady Shiva come to see him, but wind up attacked by a samurai who is after Ben. Richard Dragon is well enough to jump out of his bed and kick the samurai out a window.

They go to question Barney Ling, and under pressure he admits that he knows very little about who is after Ben. He lost agents pursuing the matter in South Korea. Richard, Ben and Shiva decide to leave young Ben with Ling, which is fairly surprising. I guess they don't much care about the kid, since they really don't trust Barney. The three head to South Korea and find one of Barney's agents. Richard learns that the attacks on Ben are connected to something called Operation Moonage Daydream, and then heads into China to learn more.

So Richard is pretty much on his own in China, although a woman named Sun Ling Po is Ling's operative there. He splits up with Ben and Shiva, as they have to get the two different parts of a statue, the Tiger Tally, in order to learn more about Moonage Daydream.

They don't really learn anything more about what is going on, but Richard has some more fights, and then the Chinese girl gets killed by a samurai.

The story continues in the next issue.

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