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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter 15 - Ben Turner proposes

Things just never seem to go right for Ben Turner, and O'Neil and Estrada add to his misery in Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter 15 (May/June 1977).

Ben heads to see the father of Janey Lewis, the woman he has been seeing, mostly off panel, for the last few months. He tells her father that he wants to marry her. Before the dad can say anything an axe wielding maniac comes bursting through the window. Ben tries to fight him off, but the guy murders Janey.

The dad composes himself remarkably quickly, and explains that he knows the guy, that plans have gone missing from the shipyard he works at, and the axeman was seen there.

Lady Shiva only gets a brief scene in this issue, helping Ben train before he and Richard head out to the shipyard.

Sure enough, the axeman is there, along with other goons. Ben and Richard were clearly expected, and Ben doesn't fare very well against the axeman.

It's not too surprising when we find out Janey's father is the actual bad guy. He succeeds in stealing a submarine, and does mention that the plan had never been for his daughter to get killed. The attack was just to draw suspicion away from him. Richard saves Ben, but apparently lets the axeman drown when the sub goes underwater.

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