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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter 16 - Professor Ojo debuts

Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter 16 (July/Aug 77) introduces Professor Ojo, a strange new foe for the martial arts master, created by Denny O'Neil and Ric Estrada.

The story picks up shortly after the ending of the previous issue. Richard Dragon and Ben Turner are still on the beach near where the submarine went under after being stolen. But it's daytime now, so they clearly have been there a while. They probably should have moved on, because others from the shipyard show up, accusing them of being part of the theft of the sub, and the pair have to fight in order to escape.

Richard and Ben head to see Barney Ling, who is more than happy to enlist them in his own plans to retrieve the sub. He explains that the people who stole it have an under-ice base in the Arctic Ocean. Lady Shiva shows up to drive the hovercraft Ling is lending them, but otherwise she takes no part in the action in this issue.

Richard and Ben reach the area of the base, and fight a lot with some more martial arts bad guys on the ice. The major foe is Professor Ojo, who wears some very strange headgear. Janey Lewis' father has been working for Ojo. We don't get much explanation about the villain in this issue, but at the end we see that he controls a flying eye, which he uses to lead Richard and Ben to his lair.

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