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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter 17 - Richard Dragon vs Professor Ojo

Professor Ojo toys with the heroes in Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter 17 (Sept/Oct 77), by O'Neil and Estrada.

Picking up from the end of the previous issue, Professor Ojo brings Richard Dragon and Ben Turner to his lair, using his floating eye, which will demonstrate a few different powers before the issue is out, largely destructive. He has used this eye to take control of this Arctic region, and pits the natives against the two heroes for his own amusement.

Of course Ben and Richard win, and at that point Lewis, the one Ben is after for the death of his fiancee, takes off. Ben tries to follow, but there is no sign of the man. They return to the hovercraft, where Lady Shiva is waiting for them, but the floating eye uses a beam to lift and destroy the craft, sending Richard, Ben and Shiva back into Ojo's hands.

Ojo tells the three that he has magnetized them, and a whole bunch of knives start flying at them. Richard does not believe they could possibly have become magnetic, and figures out that it must be Shiva's metal belt attracting the knives, which proves to be true.

Once again they go after Ojo and Lewis, and once again the two escape. Richard and Shiva decide to return to the US with the stolen sub, but Ben insists on remaining behind to find Lewis and bring him in.

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