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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter 3 - searching for Carolyn

Jack Kirby and Bruce Berry join O'Neil on Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter 3 (Aug/Sept 75).

Carolyn is on the run, but not too far from Richard Dragon. When one of the Swiss' men captures her, he is able to hear her screams.

Richard returns to the dojo and finds Ben Turner, who at least this time is on crutches, and recovering from being shot last issue. He receives a note which leads him to the Swiss' location. The villain has recruited some of the top weapons artists in the world, and also a man to film the battle between them and Richard Dragon. Richard has a flashback to his days with the Sensei, who gave him a jade dragon's claw as a symbol of his inner power.

Kirby has the dragon sort of manifest as Richard faces off against the various weapons masters. He defeats and kills them all, even the cameraman gets killed during the fight, falling onto one of the discarded blades.

But it all proves for nothing. The Swiss detonates a bomb that destroys the building they are in, escaping with Carolyn, when he realizes Richard will beat all his men.

Sure feels like the story will continue in the next issue, although according to the first issue this was meant to be the end of the adaptation of the novel.

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