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Monday, 3 July 2017

Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter 6 - dropping a nuke into a volcano

O'Neil, Estrada and Wood show why Barney Ling is not to be trusted in Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter 6 (Feb/March 1976).

The story picks up directly from the conclusion of the previous issue. Barley Ling shows up with a plane to bring Richard Dragon and Lady Shiva back to the US. It turns out he was aware all along that Shiva had been working with Cravat, but sent Richard out into her trap anyway. Nice guy. Now he rewards both of them for surviving, and Shiva for switching to the good guys side, with a pair of samurai swords. The plane happens to be flying over an island run by Slash, an old enemy of Ling's. Slash uses a huge magnet to pull the plane down.

Ling also happens to be carrying a nuke on the plane. Rather than let it fall into Slash's hands, he jettisons it into the cone of a volcano. Because nothing bad ever happens with volcanos. Dragon cannot believe what an idiot Ling is, and when the plane crashes, he sets off to get the nuke out of the volcano before it explodes. That's maybe not such a smart thing to try to do single handed either.

Lady Shiva winds up fighting Slash to protect Ling. She is about to beat him when one of Slash's followers throws a rock, which hits her in the head and knocks her out.

Dragon finds the guy who controls the giant magnet, and uses it to lift the nuke out of the volcano. Then he tries to pull the sword away from Slash using the magnetized nuke, but Slash refuses to let go of the sword. This story is full of really stupid people. Dragon drops Slash and the nuke into the ocean, and Ling assumes Slash is dead, although there is no reason to think this is true.

We may or may not see Slash again. I've never read these before, so I have no idea.

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