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Monday, 3 July 2017

Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter 7 - Guano Cravat teams with Dr Moon

O'Neil, Estrada and Wood bring back Guano Cravat in Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter 7 (April 1976). 

Cravat wants vengeance on both Richard Dragon and Lady Shiva for screwing up his evil laser plans a couple of issues earlier, and has enlisted the aid of Dr. Moon. Moon was last seen a couple of months earlier working with Dr. Cyber in the pages of Wonder Woman. 

Richard Dragon is having some relative down time, hanging out at the dojo. Ben Turner is back on crutches. A comment is made about him having a nasty fall. There is an asterisk after this, but no corresponding editor's note. I guess Ben had this fall after recovering from the gunshot, which is why he is back on crutches. I think Ben should pursue some other interests, his bones break too easily.

Anyway, back to Dr. Moon. He has taken a big muscle guy, Topper, and implanted plastic armour under his skin, to make him close to invulnerable. He also implanted controls into the guy, and is able to make Topper attack people, even if he doesn't want to. Cravat has some men watching Richard Dragon, but they go against orders and attack him. That doesn't really mess up the villains' plans, as it winds up drawing Richard and Lady Shiva to them.

Lady Shiva gets a bit of development, as well as some good fights scenes. When Ben teases her for being interested in Richard she gets very offended. We also learn that she is trained in some degree of medical care, though how much is not specified.

The climax sees Richard defeat Topper, but get seriously wounded in the process. Lady Shiva is eager to kill Cravat and Dr Moon, but Richard insists she let them go and tend to him herself.

Dr. Moon returns in these pages a year down the road. Not sure about Cravat.

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