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Monday, 3 July 2017

Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter 8 - Slash returns

See, I knew Slash was alive. O'Neil, Estrada and Wood bring him back in Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter 8 (May 1976).

They even open the issue with a recap of how he and the nuke got dropped into the ocean by Richard Dragon and Lady Shiva. Slash was rescued by a fishing boat, which he took control of, forcing the men to sail him all the way to the US. Lucky for him they had enough gas!

Richard Dragon does some blindfolded martial arts practicing at the start of the story. Ben Turner, off the crutches once again, asks him why he is doing this. Richard is not certain, except that his dragon's tooth made him think of doing it. Then they get attacked by some of Slash's old crew, and Lady Shiva threatens one until he agrees to lead them to Slash.

This is, of course, exactly what Slash wanted. He is not one for a fair fight, and blinds Richard with bright lights, while he and his men wear sunglasses. But thanks to his practicing earlier in the day, Dragon is able to take them all down.

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