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Monday, 3 July 2017

Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter 9 - the Preying Mantis

Estrada goes solo on the art for Richard Dragon, Kung-Fu Fighter 9 (June 1976), as O'Neil launches a new plot line.

At the top of the story we see some tourists being attacked by a cloaked figure on a tropical island, and then cut to Ben Turner and a new girlfriend, Janey. Ben almost gets killed in a drive by shooting, but for once does not actually get injured. Richard Dragon rushes to his aid, and then Barney Ling shows up. He knows who is behind the attack on Ben, but will only give them the information if Richard and Ben help him with his latest case, reports of a lizard monster attacking guests on a tropical island (ie - the top of the story).

Lady Shiva decides to come along, commenting that she enjoys hanging out with Richard, as it always leads to good fights. On the island, they quickly find the Preying Mantis, who is a malformed human, as opposed to an actual monster. Not that that makes much difference, he is still a deadly threat.

Ben Turner gets to see some action for a change.

And though Richard has the opportunity to kill the Mantis, he chooses to save the guy's life, hoping that some plastic surgery will solve his issues.

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