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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Stalker 2 - Stalker at the World's End Sea

Levitz, Ditko and Wood bring Stalker to the World's End Sea in Stalker 2 (Aug/Sept 75).

You'd think with a name like World's End Sea it would take a while to get there, but Stalker manages the entire trek between the end of the last issue and the beginning of this one. The temple to Drgth is pretty easy to spot as well.

Stalker disguises himself as one of Drgth's followers, but gets found out and tossed into a cell. A nice woman, who nevertheless is also part of the cult, sneaks him a knife he can use to escape his bonds. But as Stalker's goal is to confront Drgth, he figures he may as well just wait and the priests will bring him to the demon god anyway.

He was wrong about that. They just intend to sacrifice him to Drgth, not actually bring the demon god to him. Once Stalker discovers this he makes use of the knife to kill the priests and get away.

He then seeks out the girl, whose treachery was discovered. She is tied to the wheel of eternity, which spins forever. Stalker frees her from this, and learns from the torturer that the gateway to Drgth's realm is on the Burning Isle. Stalker ties the man to the wheel and spins it. The girl wants to accompany Stalker, but he insists on going on his own.

This all feels sort of paint by numbers when it comes to plot. Only Ditko's art really brings it to life.

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