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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Stalker 3 - Stalker on the Burning Isle

Levitz, Ditko and Wood bring Stalker closer to finding Drgth in Stalker 3 (Oct/Nov 75).

Stalker has more trouble reaching the Burning Isle than he did the temple at World's End Sea. A harpy creature attacked his ship, leaving him to drown, but he does manage to wash up on the shore anyway.

There is he greeted by a woman, a witch sent to live out her days on the island, incapable of leaving because of the monsters surrounding the Burning Isle. She leads Stalker to the gateway to Drgth.

Along the way they face quite a number of nasty creatures. Stalker defeats them all, but the woman takes no action to help him. We also see the Drgth is monitoring all of this. It takes Stalker far too long to deduce that the woman is the protector of the island, not a helpful guide at all.

In fact, she is a shape changer, and was also the harpy that attacked his ship. Stalker defeats her.

Then he reaches the gateway to Drgth's realm, and passes through it, vanishing.

The story continues in the next issue.

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