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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Super-Team Family 12 - Green Lantern and Hawkman help the Atom search for Jean Loring

Green Lantern and Hawkman join the Atom in the search for Jean Loring as Gerry Conway follows up the story begun in the previous issue, in Super-Team Family 12 (Aug/Sept 77), with art by Arvell Jones and Bill Draut.

The action for this story, with the exception of a brief flashback, all takes place far out in space, dealing with two worlds. One is a planet of enslaved telepaths, and the other still in a kind of medieval state.

A flashback shows how, after the events of the previous issue, Ray Palmer returned to his lab, and with the aid of his assistant Encrichetta Negrini he managed to create a device to track Jean Loring. Then he went to the JLA satellite, on the verge of exhaustion, where Hawkman and Green Lantern decided to join him in tracking Jean.

They head out into space, and discover that the tracker is leading them to two different worlds. Jean has been bopping around from one planet to the other. This is my least favourite issue of this storyline, partly because Green Lantern runs up against an energy source that is immune to his ring, for no clear reason, other than to make things difficult for him.

I do find some of the stuff on the medieval world interesting. That planet is in danger of being destroyed as their sun is growing and getting closer to them.

The Atom and Hawkman spend their time on the other world, with evil aliens dominating a world of telepaths

But much of both storylines is formulaic. Atom and Hawkman overthrow the evil aliens, while Green Lantern finally gets his ring working so he can rescue Jean, who is about to burned at the stake as a witch.

But oops, Jean has teleported away again by the end of the story. Once the telepaths have been saved from the evil aliens they use their combined mental force to move the medieval planet to a safe distance from its sun.

The story continues in the next issue.

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