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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Super-Team Family 3 - Flash and Hawkman vs Grodd

Super-Team Family 3 (Feb/March 1976) contains a Flash/Hawkman team up which displeased a lot of readers. I am not too keen on it myself. The issue also reprints a story from World's Finest Comics that had Superman and Batman working with Supergirl, Batgirl and the Olsen/Robin team, as well as the two linked stories from Adventure Comics that were a sort of a non team up for Aquaman and Green Arrow.

Steve Skeates, Ric Estrada and Wally Wood helm the new story in the issue. One problem readers had was that Flash and Hawkman spend very little time working together in the story. And, indeed, it is far more of a Flash tale, as right at the outset Hawkman gets turned into a gorilla and mind controlled by Grodd. Grodd had last been seen a year earlier in Action Comics

Shayera sees her husband become a gorilla, and hears him mention Grodd. For some reason she does not ever become Hawkgirl in the story, but heads over to see the Flash in her civilian identity. Iris does not recognize her, and gets strangely, and uncharacteristically, jealous of her, for coming to see her husband.

While Shayera is explaining the situation to the Flash Hawkman frees Grodd from his prison in Gorilla City, and flies him up to his spaceship.

Flash gets teleported up to the Justice League satellite, in order to reach the spaceship. Black Canary is on duty, and when Flash makes a comment about her being pretty she flips on him. Flash then starts bitching about women. What the heck is this? The Flash is acting like a jerk, but Black Canary and Iris are also weirdly over-reacting.

Flash makes it to the Thanagarian ship. Grodd is counting on the mind controlled and transformed Hawkman to hold off the speedster while he uses the Thanagarian anti-gravity ray to destroy the world. Hawkman is not able to keep the Flash at bay, so Grodd uses his own mental powers to take the hero down.

But doing so releases his control over Hawkman, who changes back into himself. Only for the last couple of pages do the heroes work together to defeat Grodd.

The story ends by digging itself further into the sexism hole, with Iris watching how Shayera is completely devoted to her own husband, and only then feeling secure about her relationship with Barry.  Blah.

Grodd returns later in the year in Secret Society of Super-Villains.

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