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Thursday, 3 August 2017

All-Star Comics 62 - the Lemurian attacks

Paul Levitz joins Conway, Giffen and Wood on All-Star Comics 62 (Sept/Oct 76), and helps handle the complex web of plot threads being woven.

The tale opens on Dr. Fate, near death, being watched over by Dr. Mid-Nite, Power Girl, Green Lantern and Hawkman. Star-Spangled Kid's cosmic rod, under his mental control, is being utilized to try to keep Fate alive. Power Girl doesn't know much about the Justice Society's magician, and Green Lantern fills her in quickly on Fate's background and origin. The Flash shows up, along with Hourman, last seen in the previous year's JLA crossover.

Hawkman heads back to the museum, where it seems he and his wife Shiera also live, to check on the Lemurian. He gets there too late. The creature, Zanadu, has emerged from its amber block, and kills one of Hawkman's colleagues. He then kidnaps Shiera and vanishes. Hawkman sends out an emergency alarm.

Among those who receive the alarm is the now editor of the Daily Star, Clark Kent, who changes into Superman. It's been three years since we have seen the Earth-2 Superman, once again in a Justice League crossover.

Another plot thread begins as well, with a cloaked man in Egypt. Not much is given to let the reader know who this is, aside from a cryptic reference about a unique horse that he owns.

And I may as well also include the cutaway diagram of the JSA headquarters, with so much of it being underground. I do like that the building above still shows damage from Vulcan's attack. Superman arrives, and is surprised to find his cousin Power Girl with the Society. He had wanted her to remain hidden until she completed some nebulous "training," but Power Girl insists that she has every right to act in public and be a member of the team.

The pair of them fly out to face Zanadu, and both wind up defeated by the Lemurian. She does last longer than Superman, so he really had nothing to complain about. Not content with these plot threads, the story concludes by having Wildcat fall under the spell of the Fiddler, and attack Hawkman. We don't actually see the Fiddler, but it's fairly obvious, from the musical notes and the mention of the Injustice Society.

The story continues in the next issue.

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