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Friday, 4 August 2017

All-Star Comics 68 - the Psycho-Pirate vs the JSA

Levitz, Staton and Layton pit the Psycho-Pirate against the Justice Society in All-Star Comics 68 (Sept/Oct 77).

At the top of the story Green Lantern is still under the spell of the Psycho-Pirate, and trashes the airport, demanding a million dollar ransom to allow planes to land. Hourman, along with Dick Grayson, happen to be flying back to Gotham, but the situation moves on before they arrive.

Justice Society members Flash, Dr, Fate, Power Girl and Hawkman come to the airport to battle Green Lantern. Though they fail to defeat him, they do learn that the Psycho-Pirate is responsible for his reign of terror. While there, the Flash also falls under the Psycho-Pirate's spell, though that is not apparent at first.

When Hourman and Dick finally do arrive they are met by Bruce Wayne, who tells them about how the Justice Society have gone out of control, and enlist their aid in forming a group to take the team down.

Wildcat and Star-Spangled Kid join the fray after the Flash goes berserk, and it's Wildcat who winds up defeating the Pirate, fighting blind, as he has in the ring many times in the past. With Psycho-Pirate unconscious, the spell over Flash and Green Lantern gets broken.

The conclusion of the story gives a cameo to the Earth-1 Green Lantern, and leads directly into this year's JLA/JSA crossover, which also involves the Legion of Super-Heroes. Psycho-Pirate even cameos in that tale, a prisoner of the JSA.

But the Bruce Wayne plot thread continues in the next issue.

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