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Sunday, 6 August 2017

All-Star Comics 72 - Thorn attacks the Justice Society

Levitz, Staton and Layton bring back the Thorn, a Flash villain not seen since the 1940s, in the Justice Society story in All-Star Comics 72 (May/June 1978).

Although Dr. Fate does not appear in this issue, the subplot he had been dealing with does, as Hawkman and Shiera encounter a strange shadow. Hawkman finally gets some decent head gear again, as well.

The Thorn is back in Keystone City, using poisoned thorns to kills judges and policemen. The reader also gets to see her operating as Rose, spying on the Society and the police, although none of the heroes realizes that this is the same woman. In battle with Flash, Green Lantern, Huntress, Power Girl and Wildcat, the Thorn scratches Wildcat with one of her deadly thorns.

The team rush him to get medical aid. There, the doctor reveals that Wildcat has been suffering from degenerative brain trauma, a result of the attack by the Icicle's freeze gun a few issues back. Green Lantern sends a reluctant Huntress back to headquarters to retrieve the gun for analysis.

But Rose, disguised as a nurse, learns what the Society are up to, and switches to Thorn to attack them. She is aided by the Sportsmaster, who last appeared in a JLA/JSA crossover back in 1975.

Also appearing in that crossover was the evil version of the Huntress. She is in wait back at the headquarters, when the new Huntress arrives, balancing in a really precarious way on a ball.

The story continues in the next issue.

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