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Monday, 7 August 2017

Blitzkrieg 1 - Nazis are people, too, and the Huns begin

One of the oddest, most ill-concieved DC books to be released, Blitzkrieg debuted with the Jan/Feb 76) issue, and a very nice Joe Kubert cover, detailing World War 2 from the German side. Because really, isn't it about time there were sympathetic stories about Nazis?  The most charitable way I can imagine this book came about was an attempt to make a World War 2 version of Enemy Ace, but making it an anthology so that they wouldn't have to create a lovable Nazi.

Robert Kanigher and Ric Estrada provide both of the stories in this first issue. In fact, every story that would appear in Blitzkrieg was by Kanigher, and all but one by Estrada. The first story deals with a Nazi brigade in Warsaw, hunting out the base of a Free Warsaw radio station.

Among the group there is a "good" Nazi, who thinks they should not be killing civilians at random. But is not able to convince his comrades of this.

They find the radio station and kill all those inside. The end shows another Polish person playing a record of the national anthem, so as to indicate the resolve of the people against the Nazis, but it's still an odd tale all around.

The Huns is a back-up feature that debuts in this first issue, centring on Attila the Hun and his invading troops, although this story gives the spotlight to a young Hun boy who polishes Attila's sword.

Attila allows the boy to borrow the sword to go and prove himself by killing one of the enemy.

The boy does, but in turn is killed by his victim's sister. Attila never finds out what happened to the boy, as they need to ride on and get to their next target.

So both stories do raise the madness of war concept that one finds in Enemy Ace, but neither provides as compellingly conflicted a character as Hans Von Hammer.

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