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Monday, 7 August 2017

Blitzkrieg 2 - birthdays, and the Huns ends

Kubert does the cover again for Blitzkrieg 2 (March/April 1976), which contains a story about what appears to be the same Nazi brigade in Warsaw as last issue, as well as the second and last Huns tale, both by Kanigher and Estrada.

The lead story contrasts one of the Nazis with a young Jewish boy. Both share the same birthday, and both are unhappy about how it is turning out. The Nazi has to rush around killing people, while the Jewish boy doesn't get a Bar Mitvah because he and his family are fleeing for their lives.

Though the boy's family all gets killed, the Jewish kid actually survives the tale, and is determined to one day kill the Nazis who killed off his family.

The Huns story is set in wintertime, in a small village they have conquered. Attila feels the village is not showing him and his men the proper respect.

So he takes one of the villagers and drags him around the place over and over till he dies, and leaves a circle of blood. 

This not only fails to make the villagers respect the Huns, but goads them into preparing an ambush for them when they return the following spring. They kill the Huns who come, and set off to find Attila. I guess they never do manage to find him, as the series ended at this point.

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