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Monday, 7 August 2017

Blitzkrieg 5 - Blitzkrieg ends, with stories of Nazis and Goths

Blitzkrieg comes to an end with issue 5 (Sept/Oct 76). I had only ever read a couple of the issues, but now I realize that the three Nazis in the lead stories were, in fact, the same three men throughout. So it was not an anthology series, as I had long believed. In issue 3 and 4 the guys were in occupied France, where they remain in this story. The back-ups in those issues dealt with other Nazis during World War 2. Once again, a Kubert cover.

Kanigher is joined by Lee Elias for the lead story in this issue. The top of the tale introduces the three main characters, Franz Steiner, Ludwig Goertz, and Hugo Radl. Might have been a good idea to label them so prominently in the first issue of the run.

As they pass through France they come across Allied soldiers landing all over the place, and join the other Nazis in killing them in grisly ways.

The conclusion of the tale informs the reader that this is the D-Day invasion, although the three Nazis do not realize that this is going on. By ending the series here, the story implies that the men all wind up killed shortly afterwards. But this was not meant to be the final issue of the run. 

I had always dismissed this book as a bad idea from start to finish, even though I had not read much of it. Now I think there was something here, just not executed nearly as well as it might have been.

Estrada is back for the back-up tale, which deals with Maric, son of Vertix, who is striving to become the leader of the Goths in 318 BC.

He is sent on a quest into a forest, where he finds a mysterious woman and a civilization of cannibal cavemen.

Maric defeats the cavemen and returns to his people. He doesn't tell them about his strange adventure, but gets proclaimed leader anyway.

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