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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Hercules Unbound 7 - Hercules vs the Loch Ness Monster

David Michelinie takes over the scripting, and Walt Simonson joins Wally Wood on the art, for Hercules Unbound 7 (Oct/Nov 76).

Hercules, Jennifer, Kevin and Dave head north and wind up in Scotland in this story. They reach Loch Ness, and find a group of humans living in peace and harmony. The people are friendly, and invite the group to dine with them. You just know that's a bad thing, and sure enough they all get drugged.

A man named Zedd is in charge of the village, having been endowed with power by a mutated Loch Ness Monster, the creature transformed by radiation from the Great Disaster. The Monster now feeds off of life energy, and Hercules and company are to provide this "food" for the beast.

Hercules is familiar with the Loch Ness Monster, as the creature dates back to his own time, it seems, one of the legendary Titans. He knows that the beast will feed off of everyone's energy, and consume Zedd at the end. But of course Zedd won't listen to him. Hercules kills the Monster, which also removes the power Zedd had, and the townspeople quickly turn against him and abandon him.

Even though Simonson did the art on this simple tale, it really doesn't look like his work. Perhaps because of Wood's inks, the issue feels like it is trying hard to resemble Garcia-Lopez's earlier issues.

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