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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Man-Bat 2 - Man-Bat ends

Aside from the Aparo cover, there is a complete change of creative team for Man-Bat 2 (Feb/March 1976), which is the final issue of the series. Marty Pasko, Pablo Marcos and Ricardo Villamonte turn in a great looking issue.

The only real problem with the issue is that it brings back one of Batman's lamest villains, the Ten Eyed Man, a killer whose optic nerves have been moved to his fingertips. Last seen back in 1971, the Ten Eyed Man has an ugly new costume, some weaponry attached to his wrists, and a jet belt. He has been sent to capture Man-Bat, who takes a while to figure out who the guy is, despite all the eyes on his costume.

Complications are added by the fact that it is Kirk Langstrom's birthday, and his sister, Britt, is holding a surprise party for him at Kirk's apartment. Francine starts to turn into She-Bat again, and Kirk restrains her, trying to keep the other party guests out of the bedroom. Then the Ten Eyed Man attacks again, but the guests are too loud to even notice the battle.

We find out that the Ten Eyed Man was being kept in a cell with his hands in a box. This was considered unacceptable punishment, and he was freed and then recruited by a man whose daughter had been killed by Blockbuster. The guy sends the Ten Eyed Man out to capture Man-Bat, considering all heroes and villains a threat to humanity.

The battle gets decided when a bomb the Ten Eyed Man is carrying goes off unexpectedly, and he uses his hands to shield his eyes, blinding himself. He did the same thing when he fought Batman. This guy never learns. The Ten Eyed Man appears to die at the end of the story, but will return a decade down the road in the final issue of Crisis on Infinite Earths, in one panel, to die for good.

Man-Bat's series ends at this point. Obviously the first issue just did not sell. There was a third issue in the works, but that gets serialized in a couple of months in the pages of Detective Comics.

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