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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Warlord 1 - Travis Morgan begins

A couple of months after his debut in 1st Issue Special, Travis Morgan moves into his own book with Warlord 1 (Jan/Feb 76). Written and illustrated by Mike Grell, this was a hugely successful variation on the sword and sorcery genre, set in the present day, with a US airforce pilot lost in Skartaris, a world inside the hollow Earth, lit by a never setting sun. Not only was this a solid concept, and an original take on an old idea, Grell's art is absolutely beautiful.

The tale picks up after the end of the try-out issue, and recaps how Morgan arrived in Skartaris, met Tara, and avoided the evil schemes of the wizard Deimos. 

As the story begins, Tara is leading Morgan back to her home city of Shamballah. They fight off a dinosaur, and then see a group of humans being marched by a slaver. Morgan is appalled, but too outnumbered to do anything about it other than hide.

Morgan and Tara spend the night in a cave, but Tara gets enchanted by a satyr. That turns out to be a good thing, because Morgan has to go off to save her, just at the time the slavers find their cave.

Even so, Morgan and Tara still wind up getting caught. Though both are put in chains, Morgan is able to use the titanium chain on his military dog tags to cut through Tara's bonds. He frees her and sends her off on one of the slaver's horses.

The slavers are none too happy about this, and Morgan is in deep trouble as the first issue concludes.

The story continues in the next issue.

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