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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Warlord 12 - Mariah and Machiste talk about Travis Morgan

Mike Grell takes a bit of a break with Warlord 12 (April/May 1978), giving the stage to Machiste and Mariah Romanova, who discuss what Travis Morgan means to them.

We also get to see Mariah taking some notes and making observations about Skartaris, the reason she came with Morgan in the first place. She questions Machiste as to what sort of king he is, taking off and going adventuring with his friend. Machiste replies that his people are perfectly able to govern themselves, which seems a bit cavalier of him.

But he does give a good explanation of what he sees in Travis. He relates how a young boy, Aton, came to them, wanting to join their band. Morgan felt the child was too young, but tried to put him off in a gentle way. A dinosaur attacked, and the boy joined the others in fighting back, although his actual efforts were insignificant.

But Morgan made a big deal out of what the boy did, and officially made Aton his herald, to spread the word of Morgan and his men across Skartaris. For Machiste, this awareness that his cause was greater than himself makes Travis Morgan a beacon of hope. As for Aton, we do see the boy again a couple of years down the road.

Mariah's story is much simpler. Machiste thinks that she is in love with Morgan, but she denies that. She tells him of a time, shortly after she arrived in Skartaris, when they both saw a golden unicorn. They were awestruck, but then appalled when the creature was set upon and killed by beast men. Morgan went ballistic and killed the men, then wept over the unicorn. This strange combination of warrior and gentle man has captivated Mariah's thoughts.

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