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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Warlord 14 - Travis Morgan faces Death

Grell gives Travis Morgan an other-worldy adventure in Warlord 14 (Aug/Sept 78).

Mariah Romanova and Machiste get only small roles in this story. Travis was severely wounded in the previous issue, and spends this one close to death. Literally and figuratively. Mariah uses what she can from a first aid kit Stryker had with him.

Most of the tale is told in panels that are either full page or half page. Morgan meets Death, looking much like another resident of Skartaris. She offers the warrior peace, but he refuses to take it.

Her offer spurned, Death subjects Travis to nightmare visions, and determines that the driving force behind his insistence on living is his desire for Tara.

Death warns him that one day he will come back, begging for her release from the torments of life, and then Morgan awakes, healed and ready to move on.

Death does return, three years down the road.

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