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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Warlord 16 - the Quest begins

Grell and Vince Colletta launch the Quest in Warlord 16 (Dec. 78), the first issue of the book to run monthly, as Travis Morgan and Tara begin the hunt for their son, Joshua. Machiste and Mariah Romanova do not appear in this story, but given the abrupt cut in the number of pages it wouldn't surprise me if they were meant to have a scene or two, which were edited because of that.

Travis and Tara have no idea where Deimos might have taken their son, so Tara brings Morgan to Saaba, a witch. She offers to provide them with the information they want, but demands the Eye of Shakakhan (which I think would sound a lot like Chaka Khan, but predates the singer). That is the god of the tree people, and so Tara leads Morgan to where they are. It's a region of dense growth, making it dark and shady despite the eternal sun.

The tree people attack them on the way there and kidnap Tara. Lucky for Morgan he has brought along a hunting dog, Shadow, who is able to follow Tara's scent, and leads Morgan to their hidden temple.

The tree people are about to sacrifice Tara to their god, which appears to be a giant wooden statue. Morgan saves Tara and climbs the statue, removing its crystal eye. But, of course, that just winds up bringing it to life. Tara actually gets to help out at this point, throwing a fiery goblet at it, which allows them to escape.

Peering into the Eye, Saaba is able to see Deimos in a fortress at "the end of the world, a place of half-light, half-shadow." Deimos plans to raise Joshua as his own, training him to kill his father. Saaba also warns that the fates of Travis and Joshua are linked, and linked to the fate of Skartaris itself. Saaba plans to use the crystal to gain power herself, but Morgan destroys it after her vision.

Saaba returns about five years down the road, while the hunting dog, Shadow, sticks around.

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