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Thursday, 10 August 2017

Warlord 18 - the moon men

Grell and Colletta turn in an issue that looks good, but doesn't advance the plot, and has some very confusing elements, in Warlord 18 (Feb 79).

Travis Morgan and Tara come across a valley with no living creatures in it, and then find a red moon (actually a spaceship) bearing down on them. 

People emerge from the moon in flyers and capture the pair. The moonship carries aliens from a far away world that was destroyed. How it wound up inside Earth is a total mystery. The aliens are dying off, as they cannot mate with humans. So they are doing experiments and transforming humans into other creatures, in order to mate with them. I'm not sure why they just can't mate with each other.

Despite what they have just said, the leader of the aliens intends to mate with Tara anyway. But first, he turns on his machine to change Travis into a bull. Or a minotaur, really.

But Tara will have none of that. She cozies up to the alien, steals his gun and shoots him. She changes Morgan back to himself and the pair flee. Aliens trying to stop them wind up shooting their own reactor, blowing up their moonship.

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