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Friday, 11 August 2017

Warlord 22 - the werewolf in the tower

Grell and Colletta turn in a good, but sad, single issue story in Warlord 22 (June 1979).

Travis Morgan is still feeling miserable after killing a clone he believes to have been his son. He enters a city where a fortune teller offers to read his palm. Morgan is cold and cynical, but the seer still sees destiny. Morgan then gets attacked by some thieves.

He is aided against them by a mysterious black woman with a crossbow. Morgan follows her to a tower and enters it.

The tower has really bizarre, surreal construction inside it, and Morgan notes that it is larger than it appears from the outside. He fights off some of the inevitable monsters.

At the top of the tower he is attacked by a werewolf. He kills it, only to see it turn back into the woman. The fortune teller shows up, explaining that this was his daughter, and they relied on Morgan to kill her and relieve her of her curse. Simple enough, but looks great, and allows some time for Travis to be all sulky and maudlin.

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