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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Warlord 25 - Aram Al Ashir debuts

Grell and Colletta introduce a new supporting character in the series in Warlord 25 (Sept 79).

The story opens by catching up on Tara, Machiste and Mariah Romanova. Tara is heading back to Shamballah, accompanied by the others. Mariah believes that Tara is miserable because she now hates Travis Morgan for killing their son, but Machiste explains that the pain Tara is feeling is from love, not hate.

As for Travis Morgan, he has joined a band of mercenaries, and this has rankled one of them, Chakal, who used to be the second in command. Morgan's prowess and skills have seen him take that position away from Chakal. The group get hired to find and capture a thief, Ashir. 

As they begin their trek, Chakal does what he can to kill Morgan along the way. A giant blue shadow monster also attacks the band, and in fighting it, Morgan believes that Chakal gets killed when thrown into a ravine.

Then he comes across Ashir. Morgan fights with the man, who never loses his smile. He may not be as skilled as Travis Morgan, but he is good enough to hold his own, and seems to enjoy everything a lot more.

Ashir has heard of Morgan, and insists that they are the same type of men, who crave action and adventure. But while Morgan agrees with most of what Ashir says, he differs when Ashir comments on having no regrets, as Morgan is consumed by his.

Morgan decides to leave his mercenary band and join Ashir. And then, wouldn't you know it, Chakal shows up, all not dead. Morgan then kills him, so he thinks, but Chakal will prove harder to kill than most people. The final panel shows Deimos, well, his hand and eyes, once again watching Morgan from afar.

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