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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Warlord 26 - the temple of truth

Grell and Colletta reveal more about Aram Al Ashir in Warlord 26 (Oct 79).

The story opens with Deimos, now back in a whole body, coming to Chakal. Deimos recruits the guy to help him against Travis Morgan, and then "heals" him, although he rips off Chakal's injured arm.

Morgan accompanies Ashir to the Temple of Truth, reputed to be the location of a great treasure. Ashir has a medallion from it, which proves to come apart and be the "key" to making the temple work. First they have to fight off a dragon guardian, but that's old hat for Morgan by now.

Much harder are the truths that the two men have to face in order to achieve the treasure. Each piece of the medallion activates part of the chamber, and gives them visions about themselves and their actions, which they have to cope with. We find out that Aram Al Ashir is actually a prince who abandoned his city and his people to go adventuring.

While Morgan has to face the way he let down Tara, Machiste, Mariah and himself in the way he has coped with being forced to kill his son.

Once all that has been revealed, the "treasure" is activated. This proves to be a beam of light, and entering it allows one a new start. Ashir is not up for that, but Morgan is. He enters the light and disappears, coming out in what appears to be a prehistoric world.

Chakal shows up at the temple, now with a nifty gun arm, confronting Ashir.

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