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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Warlord 27 - the many incarnations of Travis Morgan

Grell and Colletta take Travis Morgan on a trip through time in Warlord 27 (Nov 79), and reveal that he has lived as many lives as Hawkman. And that's saying a lot!

Oh, and we also check up briefly on Deimos. Turns out his magical life force blended him with Morgan's dead dog, so he has a hybrid body now. Morgan gets taken through each and every incarnation he has ever lived, starting in the stone age, when he was eaten by a tiger.

Most time is spent on his life in ancient Atlantis, which of course gives a hint towards the settlement of Skartaris, as others leave before the city is destroyed to found new colonies elsewhere.

Morgan turns out to have also been Lancelot, D'Artagnan, Jim Bowie and Crazy Horse, among others. Almost always a noble warrior.

Eventually this brings him full circle to his own life. By experiencing all the others he has come to realize that he cannot abandon who he is, and how he has wronged those who care for him.

He emerges back in the Temple of Truth, to find Chakal confronting Aram Al Ashir. Morgan winds up quickly defeating Chakal by damaging his gun arm, which explodes and kills him, this time for good. Chakal reveals that Deimos is once again alive before he dies. Although Morgan claims not to remember any of his experiences in his past life regression, I think it's safe to say he retained the point of it all, that he is who he is, and there is no way to run from it.

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