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Saturday, 12 August 2017

Warlord 28 - the Cobra Queen, and Wizard World debuts

Warlord 28 (Dec 79) contains two stories, the usual lead tale, by Grell and Colletta, and the first Wizard World story, which Grell handles solo.

The lead story begins as Travis Morgan and Aram Al Ashir part ways, with Ashir heading back to take the reins of the kingdom he had abandoned, and Morgan returning to Shamballah to make things right with Tara. Aram Al Ashir returns a year down the road.

In both stories the characters see a meteor hurtling through the sky, and are amazed at the astronomical chances of a meteor making it into the inner world of Skartaris. The meteor lands, but gets altered on the way, and it transforms a snake.

Morgan doesn't know this, so when he meets the Cobra Queen he is not quite sure what to make of her, as she appears largely human. Her desires seem deadly, though, and when Morgan finds a mongoose she changes into a giant cobra.

Morgan kills her, and sees her change back into a human. The uncertainty as to her true form is basically some foreshadowing for the character of Shakira, soon to be introduced.

Tara, Machiste and Mariah also see the meteor in the first Wizard World story. Though Tara warns Mariah not to approach it, as it landed in an area of magic and wizards, she goes anyway. She finds a piece of it, glowing, but when she gets near it she falls through a warp.

Mariah Romanova winds up in the home of a diminuitive wizard, Mongo Ironhand, who thinks he has accidentally conjured up a demon, while trying to invoke a three headed dog. From Mogo, Mariah discovers that she has travelled far back in time, to a period before Skartaris was even known by that name.

Machiste reveals to Tara that he loves Mariah, and chooses to follow her through the warp, not knowing what is on the other side. Lucky for him, Mariah has fallen for Machiste as well.

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